farmin fare zehiri
Why Farmin?

Difenacoum Rats moving in groups sent the eldest one among them to taste the bait. When they are sure the bait is not poisoned, they acknowledge the bait as safe and they eat it periodically. FARMIN with Difenacoum does not shown its final effect immediately, but in 3 days to resolve rat problems definetely. 

Whole Wheat Grains Rats do not have the sense of satisfaction for hunger and they crave for grawing at all times. Thus the bait is consumed constantly.FARMİN is produced using whole wheat grains and special flavoring. This is favorite bait type for rats, because it satisfies their need for gnawing. Hence, less FARMİN is much more effective than powder baits or bait of powder content which are difficult to gnaw. 

Immediately Killed Rats Poisoned and immediately killed rats cause a foul scent. The effect of Difenacaum is induction of internal bleeding in the rats which causes an unquenchable sense of thirst. Therefore, rats continuously drink water and die of dehydration. No foul scent is caused. 

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